Class Packs - Valid 1 Year

Single Class
5 Class Pack ($20/class)
10 Class Pack ($19/class)
20 Class Pack ($17/class)
Ride & Run
8 Classes @ Zoom + 8 Classes @ TreadHappy in 30 Days! Your ultimate beat-driven cardio jam! (Please allow 24 hours for TreadHappy activation)

Contracts - Recurring Billing

12-Month VIP Contract
12 Months Unlimited! VIP Benefits include:
-20% off retail every day + 50% off cycle shoes
-No late cancel charges
-Priority Waitlist + Advance Booking
-Two free package freezes (vacation, school break, etc)
$169.00 /month
Monthly Unlimited
-Unlimited Riding
-Package automatically renews until canceled
-Cancel anytime
$169.00 /month
Student/Educator Monthly Unlimited
University ID required. Automatically renews (cancel any time without penalty).
$149.00 /month

Unlimited Classes

New Client 1 Month Unlimited
30 days of unlimited cycling for new clients. Begins on date of first class booked.
1 Month Unlimited
1 Month of Unlimited Cycling. Month begins on date of first class booked. Package does not automatically renew.
Student/Educator 3-Month Unlimited
3 Months of Unlimited Cycling paid in full. 3 Months begin from date of first class booked.

Early Bird

Early Bird Unlimited
Valid on the first class of the day every day of the week! Automatically renews until canceled.
$89.00 /month

Gift Cards

Buy a custom Zoom Cycle gift card